Documenting Songwriter History
One Hit Songwriter At A Time
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The Time has come to Document
these Treasures we call Hit Songwriters! In Fact, it's well overdue!
and so we've committed ourselves to do
one Photo Shoot/interview at a time
Songwriters in Alphabetical order,
Gracious enough to lend thier names, images and stories to this project are:
Allen Shamblin, Becky Hobbs
Benita Hill, Bernie Nelson
Billy Lawson, Billy Swan
Bob Dipiero, Bob McDill
Bobby Braddock, Byron Hill
Carl Jackson, Charlie Louvin
Cowboy Jack Clement, Craig Wiseman
Dallas Frazier, Dave Gibson
Deborah Allen, Dickey Lee
Don Cook, Ed Hill
Even Stevens, Gary Burr
Gretchen Peters, Jan Buckingham
Jerry Chesnut, Joe Babcock
Karen Staley, Kieth Stegall
Kent Blazy, Leslie Satcher
Marshall Chapman, Marv Green
Mary Ann Kennedy, Monty Holmes
Pam Rose, Paul Craft
Phil O'Donnell, Richard Fagan
Rivers Rutherford, RL Castleman
Rory Feek, Sonny Throckmorton
Tim Nichols,Tom T and Dixie Hall
Wayne Carson, Will Robinson
Wood Newton
any many more coming in the next few months!
Above picture is a shot representing how some songwriting was done before computers. A little reel to reel recorder a lot like the one from the old TV show "Mission Impossible!", Pen or pencil to paper and an instrument! we would like to thank Dallas Frazier for the Woolensak in the picture, and his excellent modeling job!